The Creepy Truth about Dynamic Content and the Shopping Experience : PreEmptive Episode #6

In this episode, we discuss the creepy truth about dynamic content and the shopping experience. We define what it is and we provide some examples.

We discussed how:

  •  Dynamic content has gotten a bad rap thanks to some companies .They use creepy ways to track and monitor visitors in order to provide them with dynamic content.
  • We point out the ways most E-commerce store managers or owners are using dynamic content today and how this has not changed all that much over the years.

In the shopping experience, the majority use dynamic content in emails, or product recommendations.

We discuss:

  • A few great examples of how brands are really using dynamic content to provide a great shopping experience. FitMyFoot Uses Technology to Build Custom Shoes.
  • We point out that they are asking for customer information rather than just taking it from visitors or snooping on them. 

We talk about:

  • The pros and cons of asking for or taking visitor data. We show that sometimes asking the right questions will yield better results than just tracking a visitor’s browsing data or IP address.
  • How visitors and customers are willing to give up their personal information if asked correctly. When is the right time to ask for personal information and how to ask seems to be something the industry has not figured out. However, we both agree if done right in the end the customers are thankful for the relationship. 

There are certainly risks and hurdles to overcome in asking for more personal data.

One recurring theme in the past few episodes is how important AI will be in the future. It is clear that Machine Learning will help drive more dynamic content. This may be just what the doctor ordered.  Humans are having a hard time making these decisions. They are unable to figure out what to show and when to show it.

Lastly we end with a similar message to our listeners. We ask them to ponder the possibilities, and understand that the next wave of E-commerce is underway. We encourage them to start today and gather the data so your brand is ready. 

Dynamic content requires data in order to operate, where and how you obtain that data matters. 

A major takeaway is how to listen more, engage more, and stop guessing about what your customers want. While it is great to survey your customers and learn more about them, the bigger question is how do you plan to use that data to improve the customer experience, and improve sales and the brand image?

Interested in implementing a custom shopping or e-commerce experience? We’re excited to hear about it!

Episode Transcript

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