Recommendations & the Power of Suggestion with Ecommerce : PreEmptive Episode #5

In this episode we dive into “ recommendations & the power of suggestion ” as it pertains to e-commerce and we focus on a few specific Recommendation engines as examples. 

To start we discuss the many different types of tools used in e-commerce that recommend things to the viewer, such as:

  • Reviews 
  • Frequently Bought Together 
  • Action Feeds 
  • Suggested products
  • Referrals / Influencers
  • Pairing Products

Frequently Bought Together 

Once again Amazon stood out in our discussion when we discussed Frequently Bought Together, but we also touched on how there are similar products available on most platforms. We discussed how some work better than others and we focused on Emptive’s version for WooCommerce and what makes it so different, how it is not a plugin and why that is important.  


Everyone knows Reviews are important, but they are still anonymous and while 80% of people say they occasionally read them, they tend to get lost in the noise. We discussed how Action feeds stand out more, and suggested products can often achieve the same result. Referrals and Influencers are hard to get, costly to maintain, but perform the best of the group. 

We ended the podcast with a discussion on where things are heading, how AI will impact these ecommerce tools, and what to look forward to in the future. AI will work it’s way into each and every one of these tools in some form or another and we discussed how in the future we (the consumer) might have more control over recommendations if we employ a third party Model system. AI is coming to these areas and will change how they work in a very short time, even if it is just to make better recommendations. The more interactive and ecommerce store becomes the ‘smarter” it will become and the better the recommendations it will make.

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