Removing Customer Purchasing Barriers : PreEmptive Episode #3

Purchasing Barriers for Customers

In this episode we discuss online purchasing barriers and how they prevent customers from adding products to their carts. We’ll also cover ways to overcome these pitfalls and help customers make informed buying decisions.

Dave starts the conversation talking about the objections in every sales process.

They can be found in any sector, objections such as:

  • Loss aversion
  • Won’t work or won’t fit for me
  • It’s too difficult
  • Procrastination

We discuss technical barriers as well, and how any online shopping website can address these barriers and objections once they are identified. We cover some short term fixes that can have a big impact. Dave shares a classical marketing belief about how marketing should appeal to the reptilian (lizard) brain. Jon adds a counter to that belief and mentions Glynda-Lee Hoffmann, in her book The Secret Dowry of Eve, Women’s Role in the Development of Consciousness, and points out her views about the prefrontal cortex. We discuss how the prefrontal cortex is crucial for forming buying decisions.  

The episode finishes with a discussion about how there is a shift in the market and a different approach.They discuss how the future of online shopping and marketing will become centered on helping the customer with their shopping/learning journey through education. We’ll need to shift focus on being a guide rather than a salesperson. 

Helping to answer the customer’s questions and provide value rather than just deals or free shipping. We provide some specific examples of this tactic using intelligent software. Regardless of what you’re selling, the key is to learn your customer’s needs and figure out how to guide them to the correct product. 

Episode Transcript


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