Consumer Communication Fatigue- Is Direct Mail the New Vinyl Record? : PreEmptive Episode #2

What is Communication Fatigue?

In this episode Jon and Dave discuss communication fatigue and how it impacts e-commerce. They discuss how we all experience it with the influx of messages from all different types of mediums. They talk about communication networks, and what makes a communication network work, what happens when they become saturated?

Other topics include:

  • Is email dead
  • Where is SMS/text message marketing heading?
  • Communication and digital transformation
  • Are direct mailing catalogues dead?

Dave also brings up hyper-personalization and how some companies are using Variable Data Composition (VDP) to create custom catalogs using software made by CHILI Publisher, Pageflex and XMpie.

Towards the end, Bruce Frasier, from Dixondale Farms, joins to discuss his unique catalog and how it strengthens his customer loyalty. His examples showcase how mail-at-home catalogs are still a viable marketing addition for some e-commerce businesses.

Episode Transcript

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