How to Turn Out-of-Stock Inventory into a Profit Generating Tool :PreEmptive Episode #1

Most growing businesses at some point struggle with inconsistent inventory as they scale their operations. Things like warehouse space, shipping logistics and inventory management usually don’t scale at once. On top of inventory challenges you may also have to content with your entire e-commerce platform and all the other digital integrations that make up your online store. There are new added challenges with COVID-19 and the crippled global supply chain. You don’t want to turn away new customers because you don’t have inventory but you also can’t afford to frustrate them.


The Lost Lead that Doesn’t have to be Lost…

Running and scaling an online store takes capital, so every lead and potential customer becomes even more important to keeping your store running and satisfying your customer’s demand. We started searching the web and found a few out-of-stock plugins for Woo Commerce and Shopify that collected leads on out-of-stock inventory. But we weren’t impressed. None of them did much of anything besides unintelligently sending emails to waitlist signups. We thought there had to be a better way! So we built our own system from the ground up, that lives in the cloud and frees up your store’s web server.

Our Top 5 Features that Turn Lack of Inventory into Sales

Look for These Out-of-Stock System Features:

1. Back-in-Stock Notifications- Customers can sign up directly from your product page to receive email or text messages when the product they want isΒ  back-in-stock.Β  It all happens automatically when inventory is updated in your store or inventory management system.

2. Offer Them a Related Product- Many of our clients sell diverse product lines with many variations. So oftentimes, even if one product is out-of-stock they could satisfy their customer with an alternative product. By sending a related product notification, you have an opportunity to capture new customer leads, provide a service for returning customers and increase your chances of completing an immediate sale.

3. Smart Throttling- Send stock messages at the optimal time. Stops sending messages when you don’t have inventory to preserve your waitlist

4. Give Customers a Choice- Allow customers the option to choose if they want email or text message notifications. We noticed that when customers are given the option between text or email messages, the chances of them unsubscribing is decreased. This coupled with the option to choose their communication method makes them more likely to complete a purchase.

5. Integrations with CRMs like Klaviyo, SendInBlue & Mailchimp- Utilize your own sending domain and CRM system to send email and text messages. Customize messaging to match your brand.

Emptive Hub is an extremely diverse platform capable of advanced e-commerce management and integrations. We love solving problems using smart logic and artificial intelligence. So please let us know if you have any questions or have a moment to share your feedback! We’re excited to work with others πŸ™‚.

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